UPS Orvaldi 600VA/360W, 7Ah, 4x IEC

UPS Orvaldi 600VA/360W, 7Ah, 4x IEC

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Orvaldi i650LCD USB

Orvaldi i650LCD USB is an advanced UPS with line-interactive topology based on full microprocessor control. It is an automatic device that allows the equipment connected to it to work for a certain period of time on the basis of built-in batteries, during a power outage in the network or when its indicators deviate from acceptable norms.

The UPS's economical form of output voltage and its very quiet operation during battery operation ensure the versatility of this unit for use with a wide range of switching power supplies (passive PFC). In the event of a power outage, it can immediately deliver the energy stored in the batteries without any interruption. Switchover time to battery operation and vice versa is typically within 2 to 6 ms.


  • "Green topology" saves 50% energy
  • The built-in smart charger provides a 90% charge in as little as 5 hours.
  • Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability.
  • Dual Boost and Buck AVR for voltage stabilization.
  • Auto-restart when AC power returns.
  • Simulated sine wave (approximate).
  • Cold start function.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display to indicate UPS operating status.
  • Convenient 5V charger on 2 USB ports located on the front panel (max. 2.4A)

General data
Power 650VA/360W
Voltage 220/230/240 VAC
Voltage range -30%, 25%
Frequency 60/50 Hz (automatic adjustment)
Voltage stabilization ±10%
Frequency stabilization. 60/50 Hz ±1 Hz
Voltage shape Approximate sine wave
Switching time Typically 2-6 ms
Battery type 12 V/7 Ah x 1
Communications USB
Charging time 5 god ( up to 90% )
Display LCD
Full Protection Overload, under-discharge and overcharge protection
LCD panel Operating mode, load and battery charge level, input and output voltage value
Dimensions 315.5 x 100 x 141
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